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Self Storage Tips...
Lets us provide you with some self storage tips for the most safe and efficient way to use your storage unit. Please take a moment to read our storage tips - you will find several helpful suggestions that will make using your self storage unit easier. We have Locks, boxes, tape, rope, bags, etc for sale in our office.
Clothing: Can be left on the hangers and recommended be hung in wardrobe boxes. (Available in our Office)
Sofas and Stuffed Furniture: Store long furniture items on end to save valuable floor space. Wrap with plastic to prevent against dust or moisture damage. Place barrier on floor (wood, pallet, cardboard, plastic) to prevent direct contact. (Plastic bags and sheets available in our office)
Record and Picture Albums or CD’s: Store on edge to prevent warping. Albums tend to be heavy so regulate quantity in each box for easier movement. ​
Cottonwood Super Storage is located in Cottonwood Arizona since 1994. Cottonwood Super Storage serves Cottonwood and surrounding areas of Sedona, Clarkdale, Jerome, to Verde Valley (Camp Verde). Cottonwood Super Storage offers competitive pricing, clean self storage units, 24 hours on-site manager for security because the protection of your property is our priority. Our self storage facility is designed for easy access for our customer's convenience. So if you live in Cottonwood, Sedona or the surrounding area; Cottonwood Super Storage is the place you can trust. When you think of mini storage, self storage or temproary storage, think of us, we are the leaders in the industry.
Inventory list: It is very important to have an itemized list of your belongings stored in your storage unit.
Plan ahead how you store your items: Placing frequently used items near door or create a walkway to rear of unit for easy access. Obtain adequate supplies to pack all types of property. See our office for packing products.
Best storage boxes or bins to use: It is always best to use one size storage boxes for better stacking. Select boxes that are sturdy, especially for heavier items. Label boxes on side facing outward to easily locate stored items. Stack heavier items on bottom and lighter items on top. (Packing products are available in our office.)

Heat and Cool: Only store items that can withstand the heat or cold elements created by different seasons.
Storing Furniture: Utilize a pallets, cardboard mat, or plastic sheeting on floor and consider standing furniture or mattresses on end to maximize use of entire storage space. Wrap furniture/mattresses in plastic to keep them clean. Apply furniture polish to wood to maximize protection. Disassemble furniture such as beds and remove table legs when possible. Wrap table legs individually, bag and label assembly hardware. Always use drawer and cabinet space for smaller items. 

Holiday Decorations: Store in containers by specific holiday. Place in the storage unit for easy accessibility. Wrap ornaments with newsprint or tissue to minimize breakage. Coil light strings around piece of cardboard to prevent tangling.  
Lamps and Shades: Wrap lamp bases and shades separately. Do not use newsprint to wrap shades to prevent damage by ink transfer. When possible hang wrapped shades from the ceiling to prevent damage or place on top of box stacks.
Bedding, Clothing, Curtains, Linens: Most fabric items should be store to minimize wrinkling. Hanging items in wardrobe boxes is ideal for this purpose. These items should be clean and free of any food product soiling. Avoid storing any items that may attract rodents.
Tools: Yard tools can ideally be stored in empty trashcans. Store additional trash cans inside of one another.
Mirrors, Framed Pictures, Windows & Screens:  Properly wrapped with cardboard on both sides to help prevent damage. Store on edges and do not lay flat. Mark all breakable items with “FRAGILE”.  
Valuable Items: All valuable items such as computers, cameras, jewelry and electronics, should be stored to the rear of the unit and avoid putting obvious markings on outside of the box.
Appliances: Refrigerator, freezers and washers should be thoroughly dry inside and if all possible stored with the door open. Stoves/ovens should be stored clean to prevent attracting rodents from food scents. Utilize insides of appliances to store lighter items. 
Books, Pictures & Documents: Pack books, papers, magazines, etc. flat to prevent damaging spines or edges. Wrap in plastic to prevent moisture damage or mildew. Store photographs or important papers flat because they tend to curl over time. Store critical items between two pieces of cardboard and tape them together.
Dishes, Glassware, Fragile Items: Pack all fragile items with adequate wrap and packing material. Layer items in boxes and it is best to store plates on sides and not stack them. Glasses should be on the top portion of the storage box. Distribute items in multiple boxes to reduce weights of each box.  
Vehicles:  Park cars by heading into the storage unit so that exhaust gases will be minimized. Place a sheet of cardboard beneath the oil pan of your vehicle so leaking oil and fluids don't stain the floor requiring later clean-up. The storage of gasoline or other flammable materials is prohibited in our storage units.
If you follow these helpful tips you will ensure your valued property to be safe and damage free while stored at Cottonwood Super Storage.
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